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iToggler: \ i tog’ ler \ noun
Telephone call router, for home and office touchtone phones, for international and long distance calls made from various telephony platforms including VoIP platform without the requirement for internet.
Long Distance Telephone Call Router
Long Distance & International calling just became a lot cheaper and easier with iToggler ™
iToggler™  is a sophisticated hardware device which can route your long distance and international calls through internet platform even if you don't have internet!
iToggler™ works with any touchtone phone, so there is no need for any additional phone equipment to be purchased.
iToggler™ does not require any external power
iToggler™ installation is simple – just connect between your phone equipment and phone jack and you are on your way to save money on all your long distance and international calls.
There is no Access or PIN number to dial. Your dialing habits remain simple (1+ Number for long distance and 011+ Number for international calling).

Works with any regular touchtone phone
Works with any long distance & international phone service provider. (Including prepaid & postpaid calling card providers)
No Monthly Fees, No Contracts and No Commitments.
Does not require internet service, computer, or power.
No change in phone numbers or calling methods (Ex. Dial "1+ Number" for Local Long Distance and "011 + Number" for International Calling.
Lets you keep local phone service provider and number to suit your needs (whether it is your concern about possible power outages, home & office security systems or emergency services like 911 calling)

For Long distance
and International
phone service
Providers and Resellers

Boost your revenues and
still continue to
provide great service
to your customers